Ask These Questions before You Select Toronto Employment Agency

The great responsibility of recruiting managers is to hire high high-quality employees. That is their joy. Therefore, it is essential for the managers to choose qualified staffing agency whose methods, principles and value match that of your company.

However, this is not an easy thing as it sounds. With so many recruiting agencies available, choosing one particular company over the other can be overwhelming. To help you in this process, the MSM group has compiled a list of six questions to guide you in your search. Take a look.

  1. Who Will Lead The Search?

With many Toronto recruitment agencies, the senior consultant is responsible for spearheading the search. He takes all the information about the person to search for the right candidate. The junior people don’t know much about your business and have little understanding of the personalities of the people in your team and also business culture.

Therefore the candidates given to you are compromised at your expense. Therefore, inquire to know who will be spearheading the search in identifying the right candidates.

  1. How Long Has Your Company Been Recruiting?

As the company how long it has been in operation. Do they have a successful recruiting history in their business? Inquire how many vacancies they fill each in your niche? If they say 3-6, that is realistic. Anything below that means the agency is not successful. It should also be in operation for the last two to three years.

  1. What About The Candidates You Meet In The Recruitment Agency?

When you meet job seekers at the Toronto employment agency, do they show these traits?

  • Has the person shown continuous career progression?
  • Has the person jumped from industry to industry without credible reason?
  • Are their accomplishments quantifiable?
  • What motivates them to do more?
  1. At what point do the agency conduct reference checks?

Good job agencies Toronto will carry out reference check on their candidates before presenting them. This is important since no one would want to waste his time on someone who will not get good reference later in the process.

  1. Can The Recruiter Act As A Mediator?

Apart from accomplishing recruitment work to get the right candidates, the recruiter should also work to notify you the candidate’s reservations and concerns back to you and work out a plan that is good for both parties.

Most positions filled by employment agencies end up being unsuccessful since the recruiter didn’t address the concerns of the candidate or because they tricked the candidate to take up a particular job offer.

  1. What Is Their Guarantee?

Most Toronto employment agencies provide a guarantee for replacement in the case where the hired person is unable to work for some reasons. This guarantee is usually three months for most companies.

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