9 Ways to Prevent Glaucoma Early

Glaucoma is a disease that causes the risk of blindness. Therefore this disease is very frightening. Many glaucoma sufferers feel very depressed when they get a diagnosis that they have glaucoma. Sometimes symptoms that don’t appear or symptoms that we don’t realize at an early stage can cause a delay in treatment. The severity of glaucoma will progress gradually in a slow or fast time. All that depends on the conditions of pressure on the eyepiece. Because that is the protection of eye health so as not to get glaucoma should be done from the beginning.

There are a number of efforts you can take to avoid glaucoma. The following are natural steps that you need to do early on:

  1. Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels are very important to protect the eyes from excessive pressure on the lens. This lens pressure will cause glaucoma and generally, it is rarely realized. Because of that, the important thing you have to do is have a good eating habits pattern. Avoid consuming too many foods that contain complex carbohydrates, excessive sugar, and whole grains.

  1. Sports

Doing various types of exercise will help reduce the risk of excessive eye pressure.

  1. Protect the Eyes

Get used to protect the eyes when doing sports or work that can increase eye injury.

  1. Avoid Trans Fat Foods’

The habit of consuming various types of foods that contain trans fat will make your eye health at high risk for glaucoma. Fat will make the eyepiece system worse, especially the type of fat obtained by burning and frying. Therefore, avoid all types of foods that contain fat or eat in very limited quantities.

  1. Eye Examination

Eye checks should have been done right from the start. Although glaucoma can occur at the age of more than 42 years there are some cases where young age develops glaucoma. Therefore, regular checks must be done to determine the symptoms from the beginning.

  1. Reduce Carbohydrates and Sugar

Another way that can be done is to reduce all types of food intake that contains carbohydrates and high sugar. Carbohydrates and sugars play an important role in increasing blood sugar levels so, making insulin requirements very high. If this condition continues to occur it can cause diabetes. The danger of diabetes will decrease eye health because it increases the buildup of sugar levels in the eyepiece.

  1. Avoid stress

tres turns out can also affect eye health. Stress will make the eyepiece pressure much stronger and bigger. As a result, the lens and retina of the eye cannot work properly. Eye pressure also changes the eye lens.

  1. Consumption of Healthy Eyes

Various types of human nutritional needs for the eyes are very important, especially to avoid all types of eye diseases including glaucoma. Fulfill your nutritional and nutritional needs to remain balanced every day.

  1. Make Relaxed Eyes

Seeing a computer, gadget screen, or driving for a long time turns out to be very tired eyes. When the eyes get tired, the pressure on the lens continues to be forced to get maximum focus. Now you must try to make your eyes more relaxed and as often as possible.

At present, there is a glaucoma treatment therapy known as “Medical marijuana Canada“.

Based on many studies, the Medical marijuana has been shown to reduce intraocular pressure. Whereas in glaucoma, patients get health problems, the namely intraocular pressure in the eyeball, so it can be concluded that marijuana can reduce intraocular pressure in the eyeball due to glaucoma.

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